Newcastle United’s second visit to Saudi Arabia coincides with the third ‘Conference Of Victims Of Saudi Violations’ held, in conjunction with International Human Rights Day, entitled “Whitewashing & Manipulation: SaudiArabia’s Tools to Cover Up Violations.”

The conference is organised by the European Saudi Organisation for Human Rights (ESOHR) and the families of victims of Saudi state repression will be speaking at the conference.

NUFC Fans Against Sportswashing are honoured to have been invited to speak at the conference. 

The ever closer linking of the bloody, theocratic Saudi state to Newcastle United football club continues apace. New sponsorship deals with Saudi companies have been announced. The week-long, warm weather training camp is clearly a massive propaganda opportunity for the Saudi dictators to divert attention away from their many crimes against the Saudi people.

In the past, when manager Eddie Howe has been asked about the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia, he has claimed he, ‘doesn’t have the knowledge.’ After two visits to the country, maybe now he can express an opinion?

At the World Cup in Qatar players have spoken up and protested about human rights abuses committed by the organisers. There is nothing stopping NUFC players raising the cases of the eights minors facing the death penalty in Saudi Arabia, which was the focus of our recent protest outside St. James' Park. The players could make a difference if they speak up.

NUFC fans, North East media, NUFC employees and players have no doubt enjoyed the hospitality of the Saudi state during the visit but now it is time to listen to the victims of the regime.

We invite NUFC fans, players and the North East media to listen for once to Saudis who are suffering gross human rights abuses at the hands of the 80% owners of our club.



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